Cyber Security Awareness Over Holiday Periods.

During holiday periods cyber criminals tend to increase their activities. This is generally due to the fact that while we are all relaxing and enjoying some down time away from the confines of the office we may be less meticulous with our security measures.
Cyber criminals take advantage of holiday periods and our lack of vigilance as an easy way to infiltrate our technology environments.

So what can we do to keep things secure while we relax?

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) provides the following tips to keep our data and technology secure:

  1. Update your devices
  2. Set up and perform regular backups
  3. Turn on multi-factor authentication
  4. Set secure passphrases
  5. Recognise and report scam
  6. Watch out for threats

These are all important security measures. Measures that SMIKTECK ensure are in place for all clients.
As a part of our ongoing compliance checks for clients, we assess the security of technology environments and ensure that operations are meeting best practice standards.
For more information on how SMIKTECK can help with cyber security alignment send us a message. 

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