Griffits Management

Griffits Management


Before Smikteck Platinum

The NBN was being put in near our area and for around 6 weeks our systems kept failing. We called Smikteck and it turned out they had cut through some of the cabling to our surgery!

Michael introduced us to the Platinum Partners model and we haven’t looked back.

Meeting Smikteck

‘Instead of pulling our hair out, we just call Smikteck.’

I think if we didn’t have Smikteck, our Practice Manager might cry! Honestly, we all think they’re amazing.

With a doctor’s surgery, it’s just so important to have the net working; we need it for medicare and bill payments. Smikteck always get us back on track straight away, so our patients don’t have to wait.

Life with Smikteck

‘They’re so good with everything technical…. Peter even worked out our new fridge!’

Now if we run into a technical problem, we just ring Smikteck. They’re nice and quick, and easy to get along with. They understand that we’re not computer savvy, too. If they can’t fix it remotely, Peter comes straight in to the surgery and sorts it out. Peter even worked out our new fridge for us! It’s a special fridge for storing drugs and it needed to download something before it could be set up and installed properly. He got it working in no time.

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