Managing the Unexpected.

Working in any role in 2020 you are bound to have a Technology need. Anywhere from an email, printer or laptop all the way to a remote server that your entire business logs onto of a morning. When we step into our office we are ready to work but sometimes Technology is not! Painful but true.
Technical issues are often unexpected but when managed correctly they can be fixed quickly and potentially avoided in the future.


What are your next steps?

Who is your point of call?
How do you raise an issue?
Do you have to wait on hold for lengthy periods of time?
Are you placed in a queue?
How long do you anticipate you will wait until your issues are resolved?

Take a few moments to consider how you feel when you have technical issues arise..........


Not the happy people in the top left hand corner?


Why would you be the happy people if you are having an issue?
Because you are confident in the team that supports you.
If that isn't you then it could be time to discuss your Technology with SMIKTECK.
Consider our Independent Technology Assessment.
Sounds intimidating?
No worries, have an obligation free chat with our team so we can learn about your business and give some insight around what our assessments can reveal to help with overall improvement.
We could be the friends you didn't know you needed.