NSJ Envirosciences

NSJ Envirosciences


Before Smikteck

We were having all sorts of IT problems before Smikteck. We were in desperate straits and we didn’t even really know how bad it was – until I spoke with another business owner who also uses sophisticated IT. I asked them how they resolved their issues.

They recommended we switch to Smikteck.

Meeting Smikteck

They fixed our problem. They fixed all our problems.

Peter came to see us immediately, on the same day that we’d asked about them. First I asked them to do whatever needed to be done to get us back up to speed safely, and they did. Later, Michael told us about their Platinum Partners service. I had no hesitation in signing up.

Life with Smikteck

The value and time and attention and support that we get far outweighs the cost.

We’re extremely appreciative of the value we’re getting. We just leave everything to them. I’m a Mycologist, not an IT expert. When it comes to technical issues now I’m not losing sleep worrying about it. I don’t have to carry the responsibility for IT anymore. And we’re learning not to make technology decisions without their help to plan as our business changes and grows and technology changes too.

To be frank, the value and time and attention and support that we get far outweighs the cost. They’re thinking about our needs before we are. I can’t make any better recommendation for Smikteck than to say: they fixed all our IT problems. It’s that sort of service.

When it comes to IT, you need these guys to be ahead of the game.

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