Newcastle Adult and Paediatric Heart Centre

Newcastle Adult & Paediatric Heart Centre


Before Smikteck

With our previous provider, we were made to feel that our problems were menial and not worth their time. It would take forever for a simple task to be done. We had to be selective as there was an expensive call out and service fee.

Meeting Smikteck

There were no fears about moving to Smikteck.

Michael, Peter and Mardy demonstrated a passion for the job. With their technology audit they picked up major errors with our server. This built our confidence in their abilities as they knew what they were talking about!

Life with Smikteck

I am pleased we made the change to Smikteck.

Issues are dealt with immediately and professionally. We are never made to feel that anything is a hassle.

The regular audits on our technology and policies have been excellent. They have fund and corrected any issues before they become a problem. This preventative planning has reduced the errors that previously occurred with our technology. We are aiming for best practice in terms of data security and privacy.

Smikteck came in with a plan to help improve our technology for our services and have delivered! I would highly recommend Smikteck to any medical practice that understands the importance of great IT.

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