What does "No Lock in Contracts" mean to you and your business?
Potentially that it's a clean escape should something go wrong.
Ability to make changes on your own accord. No termination fees.
Swapping providers to possibly save money.
No time invested on cancelling your service.
Noticeably we get a glass half empty approach to a No Lock in Contract due to the frustration and angst caused by the contracts we are already in.
The fear that we don't want to be "locked in" again.

What Does " No Lock in Contracts" mean for SMIKTECK?

The ability to excite businesses about Technology.
An opportunity to educate people on how to make Technology work best for you and your business.
The chance to build a trusting relationship with our clients so they feel at ease.
To grow a long-term partnership where we gain a strong understanding of your business.
To learn about you and your team and create a great friendship.

The peace of mind for our clients that we will do the right thing by them time and time again.


no lock in contracts
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Potential to save Time, Money and Increase Productivity by reducing Technology stresses.

"We could be the friends you didn't know you needed"