Keeping up to date with current changes in the workplace is more difficult than ever.

Changes to Modern Awards impacting many employers have come into effect and will remain a part of the awards until reviewed 30 June 2020.

Announcements were made earlier this month about changes to the Modern Awards around additional unpaid leave and annual leave provisions. Today the Fair Work Commission delivered their decision.

  1. A new schedule has been added to most awards to provide changes in unpaid leave provisions and annual leave.
  2. Provisions have been added to awards to allow employees to take 2 weeks of unpaid virus leave.
  3. Flexibility around annual leave is also provided for within the new schedule added to the awards. Employees are now able to take double the amount of accrued annual leave at half pay. This provision is available to all employees with accrued annual leave in agreement with the employer.

Changes to the awards have been made in a bid to assist employers and employees remain in employment during the Covid-19 pandemic. The additional leave options allow employees impacted by Covid-19 and needing to isolate to have leave available to them.


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