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Ryan Ansell Investment Solutions


Before Smikteck

Our business relies on technology. In our game, if something goes wrong, we need it fixed almost immediately – and we need to be confident that it will be fixed properly. Or better yet, we’d like to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Before Smikteck, we were with a bigger tech support company. To them, we were just another client, and a small one at that. We felt we weren’t being looked after.

We had no hesitation switching to Smikteck.

Meeting Smikteck

They talk in a language we can understand.

We were introduced to Michael some three or four years ago. He actually understood our issues and understands what it’s like running a small business here in Newcastle. He’s easy to talk to and he talks in a language we can understand. Instead of reacting to problems, we agreed a plan of attack to prevent issues before they happen.

We’ve been with Smikteck ever since.

Life with Smikteck

We trust their advice.

Without a dedicated IT team, our business can’t function. With the other guys, we’d only hear from them or talk to them if something’s gone wrong.

With Smikteck now, if I don’t see them for a while I know something’s working. Because they’re looking after us and fixing problems before they can hurt us. I think of it as insurance for our business. And I know if we do have an issue we go straight to the top of their priorities, not the bottom of the pile.

I’d recommend Smikteck to other businesses, definitely. They understand small business needs. They understand us and we trust their advice. With Smikteck for our tech team, we can confidently get on with managing the rest of our business.

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