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We've gone from total stress to just pressing a button to call Smikteck... and the stress is gone.

Before Smikteck

Before we signed with Smikteck, we were having so many issues with our IT. We were constantly having to bring one of our dentists away from his patients to try and fix problems with our accounts.

Then someone referred us to Smikteck.

Meeting Smikteck

Smikteck made us feel confident everything would be okay. There’s just nothing they can’t take care of. As soon as we met them, they just understood and said, ‘Yep, we can fix that.’ It was that easy.

Life with Smikteck

‘It’s freed up my time and our dentist’s time, so we have more time for our patients and our business.’

With Smikteck, we’ve gone from total stress, to just pressing a button, calling Smikteck… and the stress is gone.

If I have a problem, I know they’ll fix it. Even if it’s just the printer, nothing seems to be a hassle for them. They’ll hop on it (remotely) and fix it from their end or help me to sort it promptly. It’s freed up my time and our dentist’s time, so we have more time for our patients and our business.

Yes, we can help you with one-off major infrastructure and migration projects too. If you want to find out more on our Technology risk managementManaged It ServicesMedical ITTechnology strategy and Data integrity

You just need to talk to us. 


Care Dental Centre has been providing dental care to the local community for over 30 years from its premises in Beaumont Street, Hamilton.

A trusted professional dental surgery, Care Dental Centre is one of Newcastle’s most respected family, cosmetic and implant dental practices.