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EDUCARE Specialist Services

Julie / Admin Manager

EDUCARE Specialist Services

As we grew we needed more external support.

Before Smikteck

Before Smikteck we had nothing. EDUCARE started out with just one Educational and Child Psychologist, so at first we had really basic billing and books. As we grew we needed more external support.

Meeting Smikteck

With a rapidly growing business, we needed new systems and supports. We contacted Smikteck and initially they helped us with some discrete projects. We’ve progressed from there.

Life with Smikteck

‘Without Smikteck, it really would be hard to get by.’

Nowadays we have a whole IT system to manage. We rely on it for all our patient bookings, administration and billing. Without Smikteck, it really would be hard to get by. If I have any questions or problems with the network or system speeds, I just ring the boys and they jump straight in. They definitely make it easy.

Yes, we can help you with one-off major infrastructure and migration projects too. If you want to find out more on our Technology risk managementManaged It ServicesMedical ITTechnology strategy and Data integrity

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EDUCARE provides assessments, diagnostic and treatment services for children and adults, all in one location.

EDUCARE’s specialists include paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and teachers.