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Newcastle Obstetrics & Specialist Ultrasound

Jo / Office Manager

Newcastle Obstetrics & Specialist Ultrasound

It makes a heck of a difference.

Before Smikteck

We use specialist medical software for our ultrasound services (viewpoint). It’s not software that many IT people know about. We had a guy that helped us from the ground up when we started, but he had his own full-time position elsewhere. He was not always readily available and we had to work around his time. Because Dr Jillian had a lot of experience with the software, we would also call on her to see if she could resolve issues. She would be spending time, valuable time, trying to sort through things in the system when we had a problem.

Meeting Smikteck

Smikteck came recommended by one of our doctors. Michael and Peter came in got our system well and truly sorted. I think they are still learning about the software we use, there are always updates and changes to learn about.

Life with Smikteck

‘Now, we’re confident we don’t have to bother Dr Jillian with IT issues.’

It makes a heck of a difference. Now, we’re confident we don’t have to bother Dr Jillian with IT issues. She doesn’t get calls from us about technical problems while she’s out working. She doesn’t have to go near it. We just call Smikteck.


Newcastle Obstetrics & Specialist Ultrasound is one of the leading obstetrics practices in the Newcastle and Hunter region and is the only practice to conduct our own in-house ultrasound services.

Services include preconception counselling, prenatal care and delivery, and specialist ultrasound (obstetrics and gynaecological).