Technology Risk Management


Your technology can be one of the highest risks in your business or medical practice. Many components of technology create risks to the quality of service, client experience, privacy and the
potential for financial loss due to identity theft and fraud, cyber-attacks and data breaches. Technology risk management is very important.

We assess and prepare your systems for security risks and threats. We apply real-time monitoring
and visibility to your network, and employ secure off-site back-up solutions, reducing the time and
the effort you’d otherwise spend managing multiple security products.

Understanding the risks of technology

SMIKTECK understands technology risk management and ensures that your technology network is as secure as it can be.
Through comprehensive technology risk assessment audits, we work to recognise and minimise risks
within your technology to ensure your business risk is minimised and managed.

We keep up to date with the latest cyber-crime and data breach reports so we can offer you the
latest risk mitigation strategies.

All for a monthly fee

Major projects

Yes, alongside our technology risk management we can help you with one-off major infrastructure and migration projects too. If you want to find out more on our Technology risk managementManaged It Services, Medical IT, Technology strategy and Data integrity

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Smikteck came in with a plan to help improve and manage our technology

Melissa / Newcastle Adult and Paediatric Heart Centre

The regular audits on our technology and policies have been excellent. They find and correct issues before they become a problem. This preventative planning has reduced the errors that previously occurred with our technology risk management.