Just like Danny and Sandy in Grease, Technology Compliance and HR Compliance go together. Maybe not like rama lama lama ka ding da dinga dong but you get our point.

Imagine your computer was hacked. How did that happen? Did you follow the procedures put in place by your work place? Who did you report this to? How did you fix the issue? What was the process once fixed?


Quite plainly, did you follow the rules and were you meeting the required standards?


There are different policies and procedures in place for each and every work place but they all have a purpose. To ensure we are doing the right thing and doing the right thing safely.

In a modern world technology is at the forefront of the majority of workplaces so it is important to make sure we get these things right.

This is where compliance comes into play. Your HR consultant puts the policies and procedures relevant to your workplace into practice and your IT support ensures that there is the right level of security to support these policies. It’s that simple, you cannot have one without the other so why not get both from SMIKTECK!

Why not message us to find out how we can support you with compliance.