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awabakal IT support

Health Services – Awabakal Case Study

By Angela Henderson | 26 April 2023

Access to health care is a basic human right and technology is critical to this. Smikteck works with health providers and carers to roll out technology solutions to support them in maintaining services under all circumstances. Technology plays a vital role in community health, especially in regional and remote communities. Smikteck understands the specialist requirements […]

cybersecurity newcastle

Don’t fall victim to this new scam: learn how to identify and prevent it

By Angela Henderson | 28 March 2023

At Smikteck, we take the security of our clients’ information very seriously. Unfortunately, we have noticed an increase in phishing scams and man-in-the-middle tactics targeting CEOs and CFOs to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) logins. This has become a global problem affecting millions of users and some of the biggest companies on […]

Cyber Safety During the Holiday Season

By | 5 December 2022

Holiday cyber security should be at the forefront of our minds as we approach the holiday season. We may be a little less focused on security as our thoughts turn to holidays, family and food. It’s the drop in security focus that gives cybercriminals easier access. Before you lock the door of your business on […]

no lock in contracts newcastle

What does “No Lock In Contract” actually mean?

By | 20 October 2022

You may have noticed that we are always talking about “no lock in contacts” at SMIKTECK. But what does that actually mean and why is it a benefit to me and my business?     At SMIKTECK we don’t have any contract with our clients. That means that we are backing ourselves to provide high […]

cybersecurity newcastle

Password Managers

By | 19 October 2022

Do you use a password manager to create and save your passwords? A Password Manager is a program that stores, generates and manages your passwords. It is a secure program that stores passwords in an encrypted environment. Using a Password Manager to generate and securely store your passwords is SMIKTECK’s Top Tech Tip of the […]

Cyber Security Awareness Month

By | 19 October 2022

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. During this month we are asked to focus on the security and safety of our technology environment and our on-line activities. With so many cyber attacks leading to data breaches impacting thousands of users clogging media channels it’s no wonder our on-line security is in focus. So, how do […]

Technology is at the HEART of healthcare

By | 17 August 2022

IT helps build community health At a time when most IT professionals were retreating to remote workplaces, local IT experts Smikteck were hitting the road to support Aboriginal health care provider, Awabakal, to provide remote vaccination clinics and 12 months on, they are ready to share their lessons learnt with other medical services. Smikteck Director […]

Keeping Your Technology Healthy

By | 14 June 2022

Strong, secure and healthy technology is an important part of any business operation. More and more we see business owners viewing technology as a business investment not just a necessary evil. The understanding that technology can hold the key to improved productivity means that it is more and more important as a major part of […]

Cyber Security Awareness Over Holiday Periods.

By | 7 April 2022

During holiday periods cyber criminals tend to increase their activities. This is generally due to the fact that while we are all relaxing and enjoying some down time away from the confines of the office we may be less meticulous with our security measures. Cyber criminals take advantage of holiday periods and our lack of vigilance as […]

How would Microsoft Azure work for my business?

By | 5 April 2022

What is Microsoft Azure? Microsoft Azure is a cloud based storage solution which allows business to move away from in-house servers to a more secure and flexible cloud solution. What does Azure migration mean? Migrating to Microsoft Azure means that all data held on-site is migrated or transferred to secure cloud based servers. Access to data is streamlined […]

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