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What is Multi-factor Authentication and why do I need it?

By | 8 December 2021

Multi-factor Authentication or MFA is an added security measure creating a higher level of protection for technology environments. When logging in users are prompted to enter a code which is sent to a separate device or a code from an authenticator app. Multi-level security ensures that gaining access to a password is not enough for […]

What is cyber security awareness and why is it so important?

By | 1 November 2021

With October being Cyber Security Awareness month, we wondered how security aware you and your team really are. What is Cyber Security Awareness and why is it so important? Cyber security awareness is about your awareness of the cyber threats that your technology environment may be at risk of. Being aware of the risks and […]

How we support you during change

By pwm@login | 30 September 2021

How we support you during change Recently I discussed the pain of change and how simple it can be once the first step was taken. A huge factor was the support I had during the changes I made. So I want to share how SMIKTECK can support you in times of change.   With a […]

5 Reasons to Audit Technology

By pwm@login | 24 September 2020

5 Reasons you should have your technology operations audited  Audits can make the most seasoned professional hide in the corner.  At SMIKTECK we prefer to look at audits in a much more positive light. We see audits as a way to continuously improve your technology and ensure it’s aligned with your business operations.  Here are the 5 most important reasons to have your technology […]

What actions are we taking?

By pwm@login | 5 August 2020

COVID-19 There a lot of mixed messages and opinions travelling around so it can be difficult to know what to do with the current position of the COVID virus. What are we doing at work?  Keeping a 1.5m distance where possible Wearing a mask when out of our homes Keeping a mask on hand at […]

The pain of change

By pwm@login | 22 July 2020

The Pain of Change There are a long list of things that go into my too hard basket – changing banks, switching insurances, finding a new hairdresser, upgrading my phone, going to a new gym, changing jobs or even trying the new local for dinner. My thoughts behind it – if it’s not broken, don’t […]

What has COVID-19 taught us about Technology

By pwm@login | 14 July 2020

What has COVID-19 taught us about Technology   COVID-19 has surely made an impact to all of our lives. Day to day tasks that we took for granted are suddenly actions that need to be considered.Shopping for essentials, being timed at your favourite restaurant, restricted from seeing loved ones and searching for those small local […]

Keeping your business safe.

By pwm@login | 18 June 2020

Keeping Your Business Safe   Over the past couple of weeks we have talked to you about what severe impacts unsafe or unsecured Wi-Fi can have on your business. It can be a time consuming and painful process should something go wrong and could have financial and reputation damage to your business. Let’s look at […]

Data Breach Reporting

By pwm@login | 10 June 2020

What is a Data Breach? We’ve recently shared information about how frequently large Australian companies are falling victim to data breaches, in fact, according to OAIC’s latest report, notifications of data breach have increased by 19% and a total of 537 reports were made between July-December 2019.A data breach is when there is unauthorised access […]

Avery Property

By smikadmin | 9 June 2020

Before Smikteck: Prior to engaging Smikteck, we often relied on Band-Aid-like  IT solutions, being  fairly reactive to issues as they occurred.  Growth of the business internally & externally and the rapid changes we were seeing in available technology led us to look for smarter, more productive & efficient IT solutions across the business.   Meeting […]

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