What does “No Lock In Contract” actually mean?

You may have noticed that we are always talking about “no lock in contacts” at SMIKTECK. But what does that actually mean and why is it a benefit to me and my business?



At SMIKTECK we don’t have any contract with our clients.

That means that we are backing ourselves to provide high level of service keeping our clients happy and giving them no reason to seek other tech assistance.

Our clients pay a monthly fee in advance that covers their technology support, maintenance and monitoring of their technology environment. The team at SMIKTECK pride themselves on making sure that the service our clients get is above and beyond their expectations. While we do set service level targets and triage all jobs according to the priority and urgency we like to make sure we exceed even our own targets.

Having no contracts means that SMIKTECK takes all the risk, we are backing ourselves, our service standards and our technology solutions.
Giving you the peace of mind that you can trust our service, our willingness to help and that your technology will suit your needs….and if it doesn’t, we’ll be there to make it work.

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