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IT Service – Pay as You Go vs. Fixed Fee: Which is Right for Your Business?

Should you opt for the “Pay as You Go” (PAYG) model or embrace the “Fixed Fee” service approach? The choice can have a profound impact on your bottom line.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Protect your Business from Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are a type of social engineering cyberattack in which criminals send emails that appear to be from a legitimate source, such as a bank or government agency. The goal is to trick the recipient into clicking on a malicious link or opening an infected attachment, which can then install malware on their computer …

[INFOGRAPHIC] Protect your Business from Phishing Scams Read More »

[INFOGRAPHIC] 15 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Cyberattack

Cyberattacks are a serious threat to businesses of all sizes. In fact, according to a recent study, 1 in 5 small businesses will suffer a cyber breach this year. The consequences of a cyberattack can be devastating. Businesses can lose sensitive data, suffer financial losses, and even be forced to close their doors. That’s why …

[INFOGRAPHIC] 15 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Cyberattack Read More »

Shifting the Paradigm: From IT Cost to Strategic Investment

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, IT has become increasingly important, but some CEOs and business owners still see it as a cost centre, a necessary expense that does not contribute to the bottom line. In this article, we outline how this outdated perception can lead to dire circumstances at worst, and how in an …

Shifting the Paradigm: From IT Cost to Strategic Investment Read More »

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Essential 8: A Guide to Cyber Security for Australian Businesses

The Essential 8 is a set of eight cyber security mitigation strategies designed to help organisations defend against cyberattacks. These strategies are essential for small and medium-sized businesses, as they are often the targets of cyberattacks. The infographic provides an overview of the Essential 8, including: What the Essential 8 are Why they are important …

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Essential 8: A Guide to Cyber Security for Australian Businesses Read More »

Work together, anywhere with an Ericsson LG iPECS Phone System

Have you thought about upgrading or refreshing your business communications system? Have you thought about a cloud communication solution? In an age of ever improving technology solutions the need to keep our phones ringing and connection to our customers has never been more important. Clearly some communication solutions are better than others, like the image …

Work together, anywhere with an Ericsson LG iPECS Phone System Read More »

Enni Medical – Case Study

Enni Medical’s specialist equipment requires technology specialists When a medical practice uses specialist software and equipment in their practice they require specialist technology assistance and management. Ensuring that all applications are integrated into the business is paramount to the streamlined operations of the practice. Before Smikteck We use specialist medical software for our ultrasound services …

Enni Medical – Case Study Read More »

awabakal IT support

Health Services – Awabakal Case Study

Access to health care is a basic human right and technology is critical to this. Smikteck works with health providers and carers to roll out technology solutions to support them in maintaining services under all circumstances. Technology plays a vital role in community health, especially in regional and remote communities. Smikteck understands the specialist requirements …

Health Services – Awabakal Case Study Read More »

cybersecurity newcastle

Don’t fall victim to this new scam: learn how to identify and prevent it

At Smikteck, we take the security of our clients’ information very seriously. Unfortunately, we have noticed an increase in phishing scams and man-in-the-middle tactics targeting CEOs and CFOs to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) logins. This has become a global problem affecting millions of users and some of the biggest companies on …

Don’t fall victim to this new scam: learn how to identify and prevent it Read More »

Cyber Safety During the Holiday Season

Holiday cyber security should be at the forefront of our minds as we approach the holiday season. We may be a little less focused on security as our thoughts turn to holidays, family and food. It’s the drop in security focus that gives cybercriminals easier access. Before you lock the door of your business on …

Cyber Safety During the Holiday Season Read More »

no lock in contracts newcastle

What does “No Lock In Contract” actually mean?

You may have noticed that we are always talking about “no lock in contacts” at SMIKTECK. But what does that actually mean and why is it a benefit to me and my business?     At SMIKTECK we don’t have any contract with our clients. That means that we are backing ourselves to provide high …

What does “No Lock In Contract” actually mean? Read More »

cybersecurity newcastle

Password Managers

Do you use a password manager to create and save your passwords? A Password Manager is a program that stores, generates and manages your passwords. It is a secure program that stores passwords in an encrypted environment. Using a Password Manager to generate and securely store your passwords is SMIKTECK’s Top Tech Tip of the …

Password Managers Read More »

Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. During this month we are asked to focus on the security and safety of our technology environment and our on-line activities. With so many cyber attacks leading to data breaches impacting thousands of users clogging media channels it’s no wonder our on-line security is in focus. So, how do …

Cyber Security Awareness Month Read More »

Keeping Your Technology Healthy

Strong, secure and healthy technology is an important part of any business operation. More and more we see business owners viewing technology as a business investment not just a necessary evil. The understanding that technology can hold the key to improved productivity means that it is more and more important as a major part of …

Keeping Your Technology Healthy Read More »

Cyber Security Awareness Over Holiday Periods.

During holiday periods cyber criminals tend to increase their activities. This is generally due to the fact that while we are all relaxing and enjoying some down time away from the confines of the office we may be less meticulous with our security measures. Cyber criminals take advantage of holiday periods and our lack of vigilance as …

Cyber Security Awareness Over Holiday Periods. Read More »

How would Microsoft Azure work for my business?

What is Microsoft Azure? Microsoft Azure is a cloud based storage solution which allows business to move away from in-house servers to a more secure and flexible cloud solution. What does Azure migration mean? Migrating to Microsoft Azure means that all data held on-site is migrated or transferred to secure cloud based servers. Access to data is streamlined …

How would Microsoft Azure work for my business? Read More »

What is Multi-factor Authentication and why do I need it?

Multi-factor Authentication or MFA is an added security measure creating a higher level of protection for technology environments. When logging in users are prompted to enter a code which is sent to a separate device or a code from an authenticator app. Multi-level security ensures that gaining access to a password is not enough for …

What is Multi-factor Authentication and why do I need it? Read More »

What is cyber security awareness and why is it so important?

With October being Cyber Security Awareness month, we wondered how security aware you and your team really are. What is Cyber Security Awareness and why is it so important? Cyber security awareness is about your awareness of the cyber threats that your technology environment may be at risk of. Being aware of the risks and …

What is cyber security awareness and why is it so important? Read More »

How we support you during change

How we support you during change Recently I discussed the pain of change and how simple it can be once the first step was taken. A huge factor was the support I had during the changes I made. So I want to share how SMIKTECK can support you in times of change.   With a …

How we support you during change Read More »

5 Reasons to Audit Technology

5 Reasons you should have your technology operations audited  Audits can make the most seasoned professional hide in the corner.  At SMIKTECK we prefer to look at audits in a much more positive light. We see audits as a way to continuously improve your technology and ensure it’s aligned with your business operations.  Here are the 5 most important reasons to have your technology …

5 Reasons to Audit Technology Read More »

What actions are we taking?

COVID-19 There a lot of mixed messages and opinions travelling around so it can be difficult to know what to do with the current position of the COVID virus. What are we doing at work?  Keeping a 1.5m distance where possible Wearing a mask when out of our homes Keeping a mask on hand at …

What actions are we taking? Read More »

The pain of change

The Pain of Change There are a long list of things that go into my too hard basket – changing banks, switching insurances, finding a new hairdresser, upgrading my phone, going to a new gym, changing jobs or even trying the new local for dinner. My thoughts behind it – if it’s not broken, don’t …

The pain of change Read More »

What has COVID-19 taught us about Technology

What has COVID-19 taught us about Technology   COVID-19 has surely made an impact to all of our lives. Day to day tasks that we took for granted are suddenly actions that need to be considered.Shopping for essentials, being timed at your favourite restaurant, restricted from seeing loved ones and searching for those small local …

What has COVID-19 taught us about Technology Read More »

Keeping your business safe.

Keeping Your Business Safe   Over the past couple of weeks we have talked to you about what severe impacts unsafe or unsecured Wi-Fi can have on your business. It can be a time consuming and painful process should something go wrong and could have financial and reputation damage to your business. Let’s look at …

Keeping your business safe. Read More »

Data Breach Reporting

What is a Data Breach? We’ve recently shared information about how frequently large Australian companies are falling victim to data breaches, in fact, according to OAIC’s latest report, notifications of data breach have increased by 19% and a total of 537 reports were made between July-December 2019.A data breach is when there is unauthorised access …

Data Breach Reporting Read More »

Avery Property

Before Smikteck: Prior to engaging Smikteck, we often relied on Band-Aid-like  IT solutions, being  fairly reactive to issues as they occurred.  Growth of the business internally & externally and the rapid changes we were seeing in available technology led us to look for smarter, more productive & efficient IT solutions across the business.   Meeting …

Avery Property Read More »

Wi-fi – Is it dangerous?

How secure is your Wi-Fi?   Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide high speed internet. Having a good wi-fi connection allows computers, mobile devices and other types of technology to connect to the internet wirelessly. Convenient, Yes! Risky, also Yes! We have to ask the question, what are people …

Wi-fi – Is it dangerous? Read More »

How are you staying connected?

How are you staying connected?   Working remotely, or from home can be difficult. When we’re forced to make changes to the way we operate we can often feel uncomfortable and fearful. We’ve been working hard to find ways to make sure that not only our own team but all of our clients are able …

How are you staying connected? Read More »

Technology Strategy Consultation

At SMIKTECK we love a good story, especially when it is about one of our valued clients. Recently we had the great experience of rolling out our new technology risk audit and consultancy service for a wonderful Newcastle based charity. After auditing all of their sites, we compiled a report detailing; Technology strengths, Weaknesses, Risk …

Technology Strategy Consultation Read More »

MCG Quantity Surveyors

MCG Quantity Surveyors   Before Smikteck We grew to the point where we had around 10 computers. All running different versions of windows, shared software and regular issues with printers and servers not connecting. Each workstation was running it’s own anti-virus from different companies and there was a risk that they could expire without us …

MCG Quantity Surveyors Read More »

Newcastle Adult and Paediatric Heart Centre

Newcastle Adult & Paediatric Heart Centre   Before Smikteck With our previous provider, we were made to feel that our problems were menial and not worth their time. It would take forever for a simple task to be done. We had to be selective as there was an expensive call out and service fee. Meeting …

Newcastle Adult and Paediatric Heart Centre Read More »

Arrendell Education

Arrendell Education Before Smikteck Before we became a Smikteck Platinum Partner, we were frustrated by delayed responses. When you have an issue, you want to get help immediately. The longer it takes to solve an issue, the more the frustration levels go up and the issue can escalate. When that happens, it takes more time …

Arrendell Education Read More »


Rock City Before Smikteck A few years ago we thought all our IT systems were running well, so we didn’t need a dedicated IT person. Then we came back from Christmas holidays to find that none of our computers were working. We needed help. One of the girls here had heard about Smikteck. We were …

RockCity Read More »

Care Dental Centre

Care Dental Centre Before Smikteck Before we signed with Smikteck, we were having so many issues with our IT. We were constantly having to bring one of our dentists away from his patients to try and fix problems with our accounts. Then someone referred us to Smikteck. Meeting Smikteck Smikteck made us feel confident everything …

Care Dental Centre Read More »

Brisan Motorcycles

Brisan Motorcycles   Before Smikteck We used a bigger, national company for our IT services before we expanded the business to include an online store. With the new e-commerce platform, our systems had to handle more online traffic and needed more security. We needed a dedicated IT team. Meeting Smikteck One-to-one contact and no call …

Brisan Motorcycles Read More »

Newcastle Buyer’s Agent

Newcastle Buyers Agent   Before Smikteck When I first started the business I had web and email hosting though different overseas providers. I was having difficulty with emails and the online contact form. Meeting Smikteck Smikteck was the obvious choice. I’ve had dealings with Michael over many years in real estate, so when I needed …

Newcastle Buyer’s Agent Read More »

Junction Village Dental

Junction Village Dental   Before Smikteck We were having loads of trouble with our IT. It felt like a hodgepodge of quick fixes. Our backup systems would fail and we knew our documents weren’t being stored securely. It was a constant worry – is this safe? Are we going to lose these files? We did …

Junction Village Dental Read More »

Ryan Ansell Investment Solutions

Ryan Ansell Investment Solutions   Before Smikteck Our business relies on technology. In our game, if something goes wrong, we need it fixed almost immediately – and we need to be confident that it will be fixed properly. Or better yet, we’d like to prevent problems from happening in the first place. Before Smikteck, we …

Ryan Ansell Investment Solutions Read More »

Michalis Group

Michalis Group   Before Smikteck We’ve been with Smikteck right from the start. Michael first came to us more than 8 years ago and we were really impressed with him. So when he started Smikteck, I sought him out. We’ve been with him ever since. Life with Smikteck They’re so easy to deal with Without …

Michalis Group Read More »

Newcomen Commercial Services

Newcomen Commercial Services   Before Smikteck Before we had Smikteck, the service we were getting was average at best. We were having more problems than we’d ever experienced and our charges almost doubled. Meeting Smikteck ‘The decision was easy.’ Once I met with Michael, the way he explained it, and the deal he offered – …

Newcomen Commercial Services Read More »

Newcastle Obstetrics & Specialist Ultrasound

Newcastle Obstetrics & Specialist Ultrasound   Before Smikteck We use specialist medical software for our ultrasound services (viewpoint). It’s not software that many IT people know about. We had a guy that helped us from the ground up when we started, but he had his own full-time position elsewhere. He was not always readily available …

Newcastle Obstetrics & Specialist Ultrasound Read More »

EDUCARE Specialist Services

Educare Before Smikteck Before Smikteck we had nothing. EDUCARE started out with just one Educational and Child Psychologist, so at first we had really basic billing and books. As we grew we needed more external support. Meeting Smikteck With a rapidly growing business, we needed new systems and supports. We contacted Smikteck and initially they …

EDUCARE Specialist Services Read More »

Sky Dental

Sky Dental   Before Smikteck Before Smikteck we had an ‘IT guy’ but he really was just one guy. As our business grew, we just got too big for him to handle – we needed more stuff done, and done now. A business contact referred us to Smikteck. Meeting Smikteck ‘They talk in a language …

Sky Dental Read More »

Griffits Management

Griffits Management   Before Smikteck Platinum The NBN was being put in near our area and for around 6 weeks our systems kept failing. We called Smikteck and it turned out they had cut through some of the cabling to our surgery! Michael introduced us to the Platinum Partners model and we haven’t looked back. …

Griffits Management Read More »

CSG Engineers

CSG Engineers   Before Smikteck It’s hard to remember life before Smikteck. We’ve been with them since they started, and there’s no reason to leave. We’re happy with the service we get. Life with Smikteck ‘If you have a problem, you want them to get it fixed and away you go. We have that satisfaction …

CSG Engineers Read More »

NSJ Envirosciences

NSJ Envirosciences   Before Smikteck We were having all sorts of IT problems before Smikteck. We were in desperate straits and we didn’t even really know how bad it was – until I spoke with another business owner who also uses sophisticated IT. I asked them how they resolved their issues. They recommended we switch …

NSJ Envirosciences Read More »

5 Ways to Improve Your Business Internet

Getting your business online is one thing, but could you be doing it faster, or better? Here are 5 ways you can improve your business internet at work. 1. Faster Wi-Fi for your business Improving your Wi-Fi connection is probably the simplest way to speed up your business internet. Wi-Fi can be incredibly fast, when …

5 Ways to Improve Your Business Internet Read More »

4 Steps on how to choose a server

A server can either help your business to become more efficient or be a potential bottleneck. Here’s how to choose a server and make sure you have access to enough storage (no more traffic jams) without overpaying. 1. What do you need a server for? The intended use is what matters most. Knowing what you …

4 Steps on how to choose a server Read More »

Safeguarding Your Small Business from Theft

All businesses are vulnerable to theft, but did you know that small businesses may be more susceptible to data theft than their larger competitors? Small businesses are less likely to have the right security controls in place to keep their information safe. You only need to make a few small adjustments to safeguard your business information from …

Safeguarding Your Small Business from Theft Read More »

7 Sure Signs You’ve Been Hacked

Antivirus software is important… but there’s only so much it can do to protect you from hackers determined to access your information. So, how can you tell if you’ve been hacked? Do you know what to look for? 1. Unwanted items pop up on your screen— like toolbars on your web browser, unexpected pop-ups, or new programs …

7 Sure Signs You’ve Been Hacked Read More »

Emerging Tech Trends 2017

Welcome back to work. It’s time to grab your first coffee and start thinking about the major trends, opportunities and challenges for the year ahead. It’s going to be another whirlwind year The pace with which technology is advancing means that change is a constant. Continual improvements in processing power, cloud and data storage, and …

Emerging Tech Trends 2017 Read More »

Holiday Hackers: 4 Ways You’re Vulnerable this Silly Season

Your kids are not the only ones counting down the sleeps until Christmas. While the little ones are dreaming of Santa filling their stockings with presents, cyber criminals are scheming new ways to line their pockets. 1.      Gone phishin’ When your staff go online shopping at their work desks, they could be putting their bank …

Holiday Hackers: 4 Ways You’re Vulnerable this Silly Season Read More »

What Does This Image Have to Do with IT?

A frog wearing a top hat, smoking a cigarette. What, you might ask, does this have to do with IT? The Smikteck blog has been up and running for a few months now, and some of our clients have been asking about the weird and wonderful images accompanying our stories. Here’s the inside scoop. You …

What Does This Image Have to Do with IT? Read More »

3 Things You Need to Know About… the Cloud

Cloud technology is used by most people, every day. Yet most people don’t know the basics. Here are the three simple things you should know about the cloud. The name is misleading Because we don’t physically see ‘the cloud’ when we use it, it’s easy to forget that it’s actually a network of physical servers, …

3 Things You Need to Know About… the Cloud Read More »

Recovering From Data Loss

Accidentally deleted documents. Intentional hacking. Hard drive failures. Power black outs. Software bugs. There are all sorts of ways you can lose data. According to the 2016 EMC Global Data Loss and Protection Index, 71 % of Australian organisations are still not fully confident in their ability to recover after a disruption. So how can you beat the …

Recovering From Data Loss Read More »

9 Steps to Stop Hackers Hurting Your Business

Losing data to online hackers can cost your business dearly. Big or small, Australian businesses need to take preventative measures to protect themselves and their customers from cyber threats. While there are personal measures we can all take, such as managing passwords and avoiding public Wi-Fi use, companies need to take a bigger-picture approach to …

9 Steps to Stop Hackers Hurting Your Business Read More »

Telstra Customer? How & Why You Should Disable Telstra Air

If you’re a Telstra Internet customer, you’re now broadcasting a free and unsecured WiFi network. You should disable it. Yes, you read that right. Since 1 July 2016, Telstra Internet customers have been subject to broadcasting a free and unsecured WiFi network via their Telstra Broadband (NBN and ADSL) modem/router. It’s called Telstra Air. Anyone who …

Telstra Customer? How & Why You Should Disable Telstra Air Read More »

3 Ways to Insure Against Cryptolocker Ransomware

Cryptolocker continues to pose a huge threat to individuals and organisations in Australia and beyond. It’s been around in various guises for more than 15 years, outliving many genuine businesses. In fact, a recent Australian Government report claimed that 60 per cent of businesses hit by a cyber-attack go out of business within 6 months. The same …

3 Ways to Insure Against Cryptolocker Ransomware Read More »

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