Rock City

Before Smikteck

A few years ago we thought all our IT systems were running well, so we didn’t need a dedicated IT person. Then we came back from Christmas holidays to find that none of our computers were working. We needed help.

One of the girls here had heard about Smikteck.

We were able to call all our customers. Instead of losing a whole day’s jobs, people didn’t even know there had been a problem, that’s how good it was.

Meeting Smikteck

It’s good to know someone else is always looking after us.

Michael got us back online and working. They saved our lives, and they’ve looked after us ever since.

We do most of our business by email, so it’s really important to have all our computers and the server up and running. To start with we weren’t on a fixed contract. We used to call if we had a problem and they’d fix it for us. Now we’re on the Platinum Partners program, it’s good to know someone else is always looking after us.

Life with Smikteck

We don’t have any downtime waiting for someone to fix a problem.

Before, we’d have to call whoever we hired and get a bill for each separate bit of work. It actually works out cheaper now having Smikteck working for us full time.

If we ring up, they can log in and see what’s happening instead of us trying to explain over the phone. A lot of the time, the problems can be fixed remotely. If we come in early and notice a problem, Michael will answer our call, even before regular office hours. So we don’t really have any downtime now waiting for someone to come and fix a problem. Before Smikteck, we had to wait for a technician to be available to help us. It could be a day before someone was available and that really costs the business.

With Smikteck, it’s almost instantaneous service. They’re always lovely and happy to help

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