Technology Strategy and Consulting

Identify the best technology solutions for your business needs with Smikteck

Plan your technology environment with purpose

Technology is no longer a necessary evil – it is an essential pillar of your operations, and an investment in the sound running of your business. Making sure your technology and equipment support your business growth and strategy can be a challenging task, and not one to be taken lightly.

Today, business owners recognise that their technology can make or break the efficiency, service delivery and overall operations of their business – but don’t always know what the best solutions are for their business needs. In a specialist or Medical IT environment, the consequences if something goes wrong can be severe.   

That’s where Smikteck can help, with independent assessment, advice, and insights into the technologies that are right for you – within your budget, with no lock-in contracts. 


What Smikteck strategy can unlock for your business


With technology that supports your objectives


Through planning for all scenarios and outcomes


Via seamless software and technology systems

An expert eye for your business technology planning

Our strategy and consultation services include:

Regular technology assessments 

Strategy meetings with the business decision makers 

Technology business alignment 

Security improvements 

Remediation activities 

Improvement project planning 

Smikteck technology consulting provides your practice or business with the improvement opportunities that can position your business for the futurevia independent advice to align to your business values. Don’t pass up the opportunity to future-proof your specialist or medical IT business operations – talk to the Smikteck team today. 

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