Sky Dental

Sky Dental


Before Smikteck

Before Smikteck we had an ‘IT guy’ but he really was just one guy. As our business grew, we just got too big for him to handle – we needed more stuff done, and done now.

A business contact referred us to Smikteck.

Meeting Smikteck

‘They talk in a language we can understand.’

Michael came in to quote on a few things for us, and we were happy with the work his team did. So we explained that we needed someone to look after us, someone we could ring up and they could help us anytime. Michael said they could do that for us.

Life with Smikteck

‘We pay for a service and we do get a good service.’

We’re on a monthly contract. They’re reliable and efficient. We pay for a service and we do get a good service – we don’t get let down. They try to solve problems straight away and they’re on call when you need them.

We’re not computer people but we do all our bookings in and out online, we download photos and use digital scanning and design. A lot of what we do is computer-driven, so it all has to be up and running and maintained. Smikteck do that for us, and they backup and monitor our system. They often know if there’s a problem before we do.

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