Keeping Your Technology Healthy

Strong, secure and healthy technology is an important part of any business operation.
More and more we see business owners viewing technology as a business investment not just a necessary evil. The understanding that technology can hold the key to improved productivity means that it is more and more important as a major part of any successful business.

So how do you keep your technology healthy?
Regular technology assessments or compliance checks can help keep your technology healthy.
SMIKTECK carry out compliance checks both on-site and remotely covering over 400 check points.
Mardy is our Compliance Officer and he will visit your office regularly to ensure your technology is at its best.
Our compliance checks lead to a comprehensive report that details your technology strengths and areas where improvements may benefit your business operations. Not to mention we carry out a whole lot of behind the scenes work to keep things operating to best practice standards.

  1. Technology infrastructure
  2. Software and security
  3. Business continuity
  4. Operations
  5. Risk and vulnerability identification
  6. Technology policy

Technology Assessments don’t just allow us to identify areas for improvements it also allows us to assist you in planning for your business. We’ll work with you to schedule improvements, hardware refresh, upgrade to new and better technology solutions.

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