There a lot of mixed messages and opinions travelling around so it can be difficult to know what to do with the current position of the COVID virus.


What are we doing at work? 

Keeping a 1.5m distance where possible

Wearing a mask in areas we are unable to keep a safe 1.5m distance

Keeping a mask on hand at all times, just in case

Frequent sanitation of hands

Frequent cleaning of workplace

Keeping face to face meetings to a minimum

Working from home when we have any signs of cold or flu symptoms

There are lots of measures being taken in most workplaces to ensure the safety of our customers but outside of work are we taking the same measures? Even though keeping outings to a minimum I was shocked at how many places I had attended in the past fortnight. Considering this, what are some things we can do to ensure the same measures are being taken at home?

  • Order food online - Coles and Woolworths have great click and collect options that allow a no contact pick up for you on the way home from work. ( I have saved so much money doing this!)

  • When catching up with friends or relatives have an open conversation about where you have been

  • Consider a one on one catch up in your home

  •  Stay in your local area

  • If you have been in public, change and wash your clothes as soon as you get home

  • Support local companies by using their takeaway services instead of dining in

Most importantly, get tested if you have any symptoms not matter how mild and seek help if you need it. The team at SMIKTECK are here to support our clients and friends so reach out when you need us.