What has COVID-19 taught us about Technology

What has COVID-19 taught us about Technology



COVID-19 has surely made an impact to all of our lives. Day to day tasks that we took for granted are suddenly actions that need to be considered.
Shopping for essentials, being timed at your favourite restaurant, restricted from seeing loved ones and searching for those small local businesses to buy your coffee from to help them stay afloat.

How has COVID-19 impacted you and your place of work?

Throughout this time one thing remains a constant requirement.


Consider the performance of your technology throughout these past few months and ask yourself the following:

– How much time has been spent trying to alleviate technology issues?
– What processes are in place to ensure my work is safe?
– What are the main pain points in my work day?
– Can I rely on my technology should I have to work from home again?

There is a chance that lockdown 2.0 is on it’s way so it is important to feel confident that your business can transition smoothly between office and home.

COVID-19 has taught us that Technology is without a doubt the way of the future and regardless of age or job title we need to embrace it, feel supported by it and utilise it to the best of our abilities.

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