5 Reasons you should have your technology operations audited 

Audits can make the most seasoned professional hide in the corner. 

At SMIKTECK we prefer to look at audits in a much more positive light. We see audits as a way to continuously improve your technology and ensure it’s aligned with your business operations. 

Here are the 5 most important reasons to have your technology audited regularly: 

1. Protection and Security 

Audits check the integrity of your technology security to ensure the best security is in place. This minimises the risk of cyber-attack and unauthorised access to your network and sensitive data. 

2. Data Integrity 

Checking the integrity of your stored data means you can rest assured that in the event of an unexpected outage your data is safe and secure and can be retrieved easily. Not only does this protect your data but it also means that your business has minimal down time. 

3. Business Alignment 

Auditing your network ensures the equipment meets the needs of your business and is aligned with your plans for the future. Having the right equipment for the job also improves user experience and increases productivity. 

4. Risk Minimisation 

Auditing identifies areas for remediation or in other terms, areas where there are opportunities for improvement to systems that may improve security, user experience, business operational needs or better compliance with standards, legislation and regulations. 

5. Compliance 

Compliance is the most important reason to have your systems audited. By auditing you can find out if your technology is compliant and if it isn’t compliant with best practice what are the areas that require improvement.  

And an added extra reason to have your technology audit – Peace of mind!