5 Ways to Improve Your Business Internet

Getting your business online is one thing, but could you be doing it faster, or better? Here are 5 ways you can improve your business internet at work.

1. Faster Wi-Fi for your business

Improving your Wi-Fi connection is probably the simplest way to speed up your business internet. Wi-Fi can be incredibly fast, when it’s working optimally. So what’s slowing you down? The biggest culprits are cheap, old routers with weak antennas and limited range. The further you are from the router, the slower your connection. The simple solution is to get a more powerful router, and make sure to place it where the signal doesn’t have to travel through many walls to reach you. If necessary, you can also get wireless repeaters to strengthen the signal.

2. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Slower internet speeds can also be the result of the outdated or corrupted devices you’re using. Old computers and laptops struggle to keep up with today’s internet speeds. You might think your connection is slow but in fact, the problem is your laptop processing speeds. To keep up to date you need to update your devices every few years.

3. Prepare for the worst

If the internet goes down, how will you fare? Will your business lose revenue, productivity or reputation? You can mitigate against this risk with a ‘failover’ solution. In basic terms, it means you a second connection steps in when the first one fails, switching your customers over seamlessly from a wired connection to 4G. The result? Broadband failure now has no impact on your business.


Business internet speed


4. Use remote control

With the advent of cloud technology, individual site locations no longer need to have their own IT staff. Manage your routers through the cloud and hey presto, now the entire network can be controlled from head office or indeed from anywhere in the world. Implementing this change means you don’t need to have IT staff physically visit routers to make changes, dramatically reducing the amount of labour involved.

5.  Broadband boost

Broadband internet speeds vary depending on what your connection cable is made of. Most of Australia’s broadband infrastructure is built using coaxial cables. In regional and remote areas, you’re probably using ADSL, satellite, or even dial-up. If you’re on ADSL or the NBN, the connection provided by your Internet Service Provider can make a big difference to your experience.

If you’re unhappy with your business internet speeds, it could be time to switch ISP. Comparing provider speeds can be tricky, so it’s worth doing some digging on each provider you’re considering switching to. Read the customer reviews, ask your friends who they’d recommend, or consult an expert.

On the other hand, if you’re in a remote area and relying on a dial-up or satellite connection… well, that sucks. Focus on tips 2, 3 and 4 instead.

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