MCG Quantity Surveyors

MCG Quantity Surveyors


Before Smikteck

We grew to the point where we had around 10 computers. All running different versions of windows, shared software and regular issues with printers and servers not connecting. Each workstation was running it’s own anti-virus from different companies and there was a risk that they could expire without us even noting. Not having a resident IT person, any little issue would have to be fixed by myself, most of which I could do, but the interruptions were frustrating and sometimes the issue was not as important as what I was working on, or it would have to wait until I was back in the office. This created downtime and inefficiencies.

Meeting Smikteck

We thought maybe we’re not big enough.

We had fears about engaging someone to look after our systems. We thought maybe we’re not big enough and would this just be another cost to the business we didn’t really need.

Meeting Michael and Smikteck started with a quick run down on what we were running, what our pain points and concerns were. The Smikteck team don’t push themselves or their services on you, just highlighted where some of our holes were and what they could do to implement better systems and better manage the requests coming through.

Life with Smikteck

It’s a lot less stressful!

We have a ticket system that all the staff have access to so issues are sent directly to Smikteck without me even knowing about them.

They’re actioned swiftly either remotely or in person. We couldn’t fault the level of service they provide and we take comfort in the fact that they’re reviewing our business and will help implement the right systems to grow with our business


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