Newcomen Commercial Services

Newcomen Commercial Services


Before Smikteck

Before we had Smikteck, the service we were getting was average at best. We were having more problems than we’d ever experienced and our charges almost doubled.

Meeting Smikteck

‘The decision was easy.’

Once I met with Michael, the way he explained it, and the deal he offered – the decision was easy.

Life with Smikteck

We’ve been with Smikteck for around 12 months now. There’s no comparison between Smikteck and the others. Now, we can rely on the basic maintenance of the network. We’re not getting a heap of spam and we’re up-to-date on software and backups.

There’s very little in our business that doesn’t rely on technology. We use it for communication, data storage, just about everything. As much as 50% of new business comes through the web. Having reliable IT support and maintenance is incredibly important.

I wouldn’t hesitate to tell people to jump across to Smikteck. When we first met, they had lots of service options for different business needs and sizes. There’s something for everyone.

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