Enni Medical – Case Study

Enni Medical’s specialist equipment requires technology specialists

When a medical practice uses specialist software and equipment in their practice they require specialist technology assistance and management. Ensuring that all applications are integrated into the business is paramount to the streamlined operations of the practice.

Before Smikteck

We use specialist medical software for our ultrasound services (viewpoint). It’s not software that many IT people know about. Previous IT support was not always readily available and we had to work around his availability. This created delays for patients and was not an ideal situation. One of our doctors had some experience with the specialised software and we would find ourselves relying on them to resolve issues. She would be spending valuable time on tech issues rather than time with patients.

Meeting Smikteck

One of our doctors had heard of SMIKTECK and recommended that we reach out for assistance

Michael and the SMIKTECK team came in and got our system well and truly sorted. They made it a priority to learn about the software we use, there are always updates and changes to learn about.

Life with Smikteck

It makes a heck of a difference. Now, we’re confident we don’t have to bother our doctors with IT issues and patients are not left waiting while we sort out tech issues.

Smikteck even talk to our software and equipment providers to make sure everything works together. We don’t have to worry about any of our technology anymore. We just call Smikteck

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