Newcastle Buyer’s Agent

Newcastle Buyers Agent


Before Smikteck

When I first started the business I had web and email hosting though different overseas providers. I was having difficulty with emails and the online contact form.

Meeting Smikteck

Smikteck was the obvious choice.

I’ve had dealings with Michael over many years in real estate, so when I needed help with the Newcastle Buyer’s Agent business, Smikteck was the obvious choice. He’s accessible. He gets back to me when I need him to. When all your business comes through your website, it’s critical it works all the time.

Life with Smikteck

It’s just easier.

It’s just easier to get Michael to look after it all and it runs so much smoother than having multiple overseas hosts. The email has been heaps better from the start. It’s better to deal with someone local. I recommend Smikteck to anyone who needs web, email, hosting or any tech support. I’m always putting Smikteck’s name forward – I want to do the right thing by them because they do the right thing by me.

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