Password Managers

Do you use a password manager to create and save your passwords?
A Password Manager is a program that stores, generates and manages your passwords. It is a secure program that stores passwords in an encrypted environment.

Using a Password Manager to generate and securely store your passwords is SMIKTECK’s Top Tech Tip of the month.

There are many different password managers to choose from, we recommend finding the one that suits your needs best. Password management applications are secure and allow you the freedom of remembering one password only – life changing!

At SMIKTECK we recommend the use of a password manager application for anyone who uses more than one password.

At the time of writing it has been estimated that the average person uses passwords on 191 different sites! If you’re only using one password for all of those sites you are off the charts high risk for having all of your data and personal information stolen. So how do you remember a different password for every different site? The simple answer is you can’t. So use a password manager to remember for you.

The SMIKTECK team use Last Pass, it offers us the features and security we need to manage our passwords effectively. It’s not the only option, there are many different password managers available. A quick internet search will provide you with different options with a variety of features you can choose from.

A good password manager can be life changing.

If you need some more information about password managers please give us a call – they are truly a lifesaver and help to keep your passwords safe, secure and unique. Give it a try you’ll be surprised how great they are!

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