Junction Village Dental

Junction Village Dental


Before Smikteck

We were having loads of trouble with our IT. It felt like a hodgepodge of quick fixes. Our backup systems would fail and we knew our documents weren’t being stored securely. It was a constant worry – is this safe? Are we going to lose these files?

We did have one company – a big company – looking after our IT but it didn’t feel like it. Every time I called it would be a different tech answering the call and I’d have to explain the issue, and who I was, all over again. It was a chaotic mess.

Then someone referred us to Smikteck.

Meeting Smikteck

As soon as we met with Michael and Peter it was clear they knew what they were talking about. They explained their approach in terms we could all understand. Nothing was a problem. They showed they understood our business needs and together we agreed on a solution.

I liked that there was no pressure to make large purchases or big decisions. They combined their technical knowledge with an understanding of what would suit our premises, business and budget to come up with the best solution for us.

Life with Smikteck

Nothing is ever a problem.

Now, there’s no more worrying. We feel well protected with Smikteck. Now, I’m not wasting time on the phone to a helpdesk or being interrupted by technicians wanting to work on my computer for the 99th time.

I would 100% recommend Smikteck to other businesses. When someone knows what they’re talking about, you just know you’re protected, you feel comfortable… you really feel looked after. 

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