The pain of change

The Pain of Change

There are a long list of things that go into my too hard basket – changing banks, switching insurances, finding a new hairdresser, upgrading my phone, going to a new gym, changing jobs or even trying the new local for dinner. My thoughts behind it – if it’s not broken, don’t fix it….


Truth be told, I have recently made a change, a big one. After working in what I thought was my forever job for 12yrs I resigned. I resigned in the midst of this pandemic to take a chance. This was going to be the hardest thing I ever had to do. Except it wasn’t. It was one of the easiest. Sure, my place of work were shocked, I upset some co- workers because they had become my friends but at the end of the day they were happy for me. I felt supported by both my old and new team and my family and I couldn’t be happier.

This got me thinking – why do I keep going to a gym where I feel so intimidated? Why do I keep letting these bank fees just happen when I don’t know what they are? My hair is never exactly what I was hoping for so why do I keep going back?

The answer is simple – it’s the easy option.

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More often than not if I speak to someone in regard to how their technology is going the response is “fine” and that’s a perfectly good answer. Every now and then someone will tell me “not great” and even less will tell me “we are really happy”

When I compare my personal habits to my job I can relate to “fine” or “could be worse” Fair enough, technology is something you put up with because the thought of change would definitely be harder than sticking to what you know and just dealing with it.

Take my advice, change is worth it.

Small changes for big impacts.

Since making a change in my job and realising it wasn’t hard I have made a few more changes. A new gym, I reviewed my banking and insurances and my hairdresser cut my hair perfectly.

All small things that had always annoyed me but I never changed. Why does everything have to be fine when it could be great? Change isn’t hard if you are open to it.

Based on our current clients feedback the change was worth it for them to.

If you are open to change, Contact us.

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