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Enni Medical – Case Study

Enni Medical’s specialist equipment requires technology specialists When a medical practice uses specialist software and equipment in their practice they require specialist technology assistance and management. Ensuring that all applications are integrated into the business is paramount to the streamlined operations of the practice. Before Smikteck We use specialist medical software for our ultrasound services […]

awabakal IT support

Health Services – Awabakal Case Study

Access to health care is a basic human right and technology is critical to this. Smikteck works with health providers and carers to roll out technology solutions to support them in maintaining services under all circumstances. Technology plays a vital role in community health, especially in regional and remote communities. Smikteck understands the specialist requirements […]

Avery Property

Before Smikteck: Prior to engaging Smikteck, we often relied on Band-Aid-like  IT solutions, being  fairly reactive to issues as they occurred.  Growth of the business internally & externally and the rapid changes we were seeing in available technology led us to look for smarter, more productive & efficient IT solutions across the business.   Meeting […]

MCG Quantity Surveyors

MCG Quantity Surveyors   Before Smikteck We grew to the point where we had around 10 computers. All running different versions of windows, shared software and regular issues with printers and servers not connecting. Each workstation was running it’s own anti-virus from different companies and there was a risk that they could expire without us […]

Newcastle Adult and Paediatric Heart Centre

Newcastle Adult & Paediatric Heart Centre   Before Smikteck With our previous provider, we were made to feel that our problems were menial and not worth their time. It would take forever for a simple task to be done. We had to be selective as there was an expensive call out and service fee. Meeting […]

Arrendell Education

Arrendell Education Before Smikteck Before we became a Smikteck Platinum Partner, we were frustrated by delayed responses. When you have an issue, you want to get help immediately. The longer it takes to solve an issue, the more the frustration levels go up and the issue can escalate. When that happens, it takes more time […]


Rock City Before Smikteck A few years ago we thought all our IT systems were running well, so we didn’t need a dedicated IT person. Then we came back from Christmas holidays to find that none of our computers were working. We needed help. One of the girls here had heard about Smikteck. We were […]

Care Dental Centre

Care Dental Centre Before Smikteck Before we signed with Smikteck, we were having so many issues with our IT. We were constantly having to bring one of our dentists away from his patients to try and fix problems with our accounts. Then someone referred us to Smikteck. Meeting Smikteck Smikteck made us feel confident everything […]

Brisan Motorcycles

Brisan Motorcycles   Before Smikteck We used a bigger, national company for our IT services before we expanded the business to include an online store. With the new e-commerce platform, our systems had to handle more online traffic and needed more security. We needed a dedicated IT team. Meeting Smikteck One-to-one contact and no call […]

Newcastle Buyer’s Agent

Newcastle Buyers Agent   Before Smikteck When I first started the business I had web and email hosting though different overseas providers. I was having difficulty with emails and the online contact form. Meeting Smikteck Smikteck was the obvious choice. I’ve had dealings with Michael over many years in real estate, so when I needed […]

Junction Village Dental

Junction Village Dental   Before Smikteck We were having loads of trouble with our IT. It felt like a hodgepodge of quick fixes. Our backup systems would fail and we knew our documents weren’t being stored securely. It was a constant worry – is this safe? Are we going to lose these files? We did […]

Ryan Ansell Investment Solutions

Ryan Ansell Investment Solutions   Before Smikteck Our business relies on technology. In our game, if something goes wrong, we need it fixed almost immediately – and we need to be confident that it will be fixed properly. Or better yet, we’d like to prevent problems from happening in the first place. Before Smikteck, we […]

Michalis Group

Michalis Group   Before Smikteck We’ve been with Smikteck right from the start. Michael first came to us more than 8 years ago and we were really impressed with him. So when he started Smikteck, I sought him out. We’ve been with him ever since. Life with Smikteck They’re so easy to deal with Without […]

Newcomen Commercial Services

Newcomen Commercial Services   Before Smikteck Before we had Smikteck, the service we were getting was average at best. We were having more problems than we’d ever experienced and our charges almost doubled. Meeting Smikteck ‘The decision was easy.’ Once I met with Michael, the way he explained it, and the deal he offered – […]

Newcastle Obstetrics & Specialist Ultrasound

Newcastle Obstetrics & Specialist Ultrasound   Before Smikteck We use specialist medical software for our ultrasound services (viewpoint). It’s not software that many IT people know about. We had a guy that helped us from the ground up when we started, but he had his own full-time position elsewhere. He was not always readily available […]

EDUCARE Specialist Services

Educare Before Smikteck Before Smikteck we had nothing. EDUCARE started out with just one Educational and Child Psychologist, so at first we had really basic billing and books. As we grew we needed more external support. Meeting Smikteck With a rapidly growing business, we needed new systems and supports. We contacted Smikteck and initially they […]

Sky Dental

Sky Dental   Before Smikteck Before Smikteck we had an ‘IT guy’ but he really was just one guy. As our business grew, we just got too big for him to handle – we needed more stuff done, and done now. A business contact referred us to Smikteck. Meeting Smikteck ‘They talk in a language […]

Griffits Management

Griffits Management   Before Smikteck Platinum The NBN was being put in near our area and for around 6 weeks our systems kept failing. We called Smikteck and it turned out they had cut through some of the cabling to our surgery! Michael introduced us to the Platinum Partners model and we haven’t looked back. […]

CSG Engineers

CSG Engineers   Before Smikteck It’s hard to remember life before Smikteck. We’ve been with them since they started, and there’s no reason to leave. We’re happy with the service we get. Life with Smikteck ‘If you have a problem, you want them to get it fixed and away you go. We have that satisfaction […]

NSJ Envirosciences

NSJ Envirosciences   Before Smikteck We were having all sorts of IT problems before Smikteck. We were in desperate straits and we didn’t even really know how bad it was – until I spoke with another business owner who also uses sophisticated IT. I asked them how they resolved their issues. They recommended we switch […]

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