Work together, anywhere with an Ericsson LG iPECS Phone System

Have you thought about upgrading or refreshing your business communications system? Have you thought about a cloud communication solution?

In an age of ever improving technology solutions the need to keep our phones ringing and connection to our customers has never been more important.

Clearly some communication solutions are better than others, like the image here, we know that this would never work but sometimes we put up with flashy solutions that just don’t meet the needs of our business, our team or our clients.

We’ve never been more mobile in our business operations so now more than ever the right communication solution can play a part in our success or failure.

SMIKTECK love the idea of seeing our clients succeed and if we can play a part in that success through the implementation of superior technology and communication solutions then we couldn’t be happier!

The key benefits of iPECS Cloud communication solutions are:

Save costs without compromise.

There is no compromise on quality and useability of an iPECS Cloud system. A solution that is future proof ensures savings for business communications.

Flexible deployment scenario.

No matter what your business communication needs iPECS Cloud solutions can be rolled out in any environment. iPECS Cloud communication solutions provide flexibility to suit your business as it changes and grows.

Work together anywhere

Cloud communication solutions give business a true hybrid environment with access to the full range of telephony features like hot desk, mobile extension, group queuing, multi-share numbers just to name a few of the features.

Improve your customer experience

Working out of the office in a remote or hybrid style no longer means missing calls. You can have all calls filtered through your office without having to give out personal mobile numbers. Your customers need only one number to contact you and your team.

Powerful management tool

A front end portal that acts the same on any device allows for all layers of the solution to be managed in one place.

Self-manage and configure your devices

End users are able to manage a more flexible and customisable solution. With easy training available to all users the need for tech support is minimised. This also means that users can make the solution their own, suited to their needs meaning a more productive team with minimised down time.

Essential telephony needs High level security inclusions Business Applications
Hunt/pickup/paging group

Voice mail

Multi/one/share number

Mobile extension

Hot desk

Remote office

IPKTS Protocol

Extension/media/trunk SBC

Redundancy and geo-redundancy

Data encryption

Strong authentication

Call fraud protection

Business applications

Contact centre

ACD Report

Auto attendant

Call recording


Audio conference bridge

Web conference


An iPECS Cloud Communication Solution gives you a flexible cost saving platform getting you online faster with fewer headaches and a dedicated team of Ericsson-LG support. A system that streamlines operations allowing your teams productivity to skyrocket.

If you want to know more about how an iPECS Cloud solution can improve your business contact SMIKTECK now and we’ll be happy to talk through how this would look like for your business.

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