5 Reasons to Audit Technology

5 Reasons you should have your technology operations audited  Audits can make the most seasoned professional hide in the corner.  At SMIKTECK we prefer to look at audits in a much more positive light. We see audits as a way to continuously improve your technology and ensure it’s aligned with your business operations.  Here are the 5 most important reasons to have your technology …

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The pain of change

The Pain of Change There are a long list of things that go into my too hard basket – changing banks, switching insurances, finding a new hairdresser, upgrading my phone, going to a new gym, changing jobs or even trying the new local for dinner. My thoughts behind it – if it’s not broken, don’t …

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Government Announcement

Government Announces Cyber Attacks In the past week we have seen several articles in regard to cyber attacks from a foreign source. Reading these articles, it was scary to learn that the affected businesses included state government departments and agencies and local governments. Hospitals and other state utilities are also in the spotlight and all of …

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